My name is Candice
My job is to make things look good

I am an


First things first, illustration is what I do best. I enjoy it better than any other discipline and it turns out this is also where my skills have developed the most. I have read somewhere “Make sure your work looks like it’s one person’s”. Well, let me tell you, it is not  what you are gonna find in here. I love to explore, I can’t limit myself to a single style forever, that’s impossible to me.

and a

graphic designer.

And here is what I decided to be specialised in when the dreaded decision came to choose a professional orientation. I developed a good eye for colours and a passion for type, got the chance to do a little bit of everything during my education in France: screenprinting, both digital and traditional photography, animation, more illustration, storyboarding, even scenography. Again, it is hard to just stop at one field without giving the others a little peek. Enjoy the variety!

as well as a


I love typography. It is so rich, you never stop learning. I certainly developed a soft spot for hand-rendered type and lettering, because they merge both of my favourite worlds together; the perfect junction of illustration and typography. From vector to 3d, the possibilities of  this medium are truly endless to me and I am proud to showcase my best lettering experiments and projects.

also a

web designer.

This was not in my original plans for the future, but as any other graphic designer have, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of the web. Not only I learnt how to prepare better assets for websites of my own design, but I also got be a self-taught front-end developer. My skills aren’t anywhere as high as real coders, but I still know my way around css basics, which helps me offering better designs from a practical point of view. Here is a selection of my best works.

aaaaand a


Before trying any digital painting, I was actually the traditional king of painter. I started at 16, not knowing what the outcome would be. Turned out I was pretty good at it. I was obsessed with hyperrealism at start, which is more about looking than it is about painting, to my opinion. Unfortunately getting noticed by my surroundings didn’t give me much time to develop personal themes of interest or to practice a style of my own. I got to participate a few exhibitions, but the work you see there is more dependant of the demand than self-inspired.